Your Premium Social Gaming Lounge
Friendly staff
Groups are welcome to play together
PLAYlive makes gaming a social event
PLAYlive welcomes gamers of all ages and play styles
Play each other in person or against players over the internet
Helpful staff is glad to lend a hand
Players get their own station and can link up to play with others

What Is PLAYlive?

A Premium Gaming Experience

We are a premium social gaming lounge focused on uniting like-minded players of all ages and to creating strong community-based relationships. Whether you have just a few minutes to play or you have the entire day, our environment and local players will be a great source of entertainment no matter how long you have to play.

Key Features

  • Newest games available for play
  • Gets gamers out of the house and meeting new people
  • Clean, fun, and cool atmosphere
  • Compete against others in real life for notoriety
  • Events held regularly such as tournaments, leagues, & more
  • Gaming-related merchandise
PLAYlive Nation staff members standing back to back

Our Mission Statement

"To stimulate wholesome interactions through an emotionally enriching environment while exploring the gaming industry."

Get Your Game On

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XBOX ONE® Gaming

We provide the controllers, the games, the online accounts... everything to get you gaming

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Magic: The Gathering cards

Card & Board Games

Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and more. Board games at participating locations

Merchandise case with Magic The Gathering and accessories for collectible card games

Throw your next event with us and enjoy features such as:

  • A Wide Variety of Games Suitable For Individual or Co-op Play
  • Helpful and Friendly Staff
  • Set-up and Clean-up
  • Decorations and Private Lounge
  • Food, Beverages, Trivia, Mini-Tournaments, Prizes, and More!
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Gamer Gear Galore

  • Magic: The Gathering (+other card games):
    • Play Mats
    • Singles, Deck Boxes, Booster Packs
    • Dice
  • Movie and TV Show Collectibles
  • Apparel including hats, shirts, backpacks

Come Check Out Our Amazing Selection of Products!

Buy, Sell, & Trade


  • MTG Cards
  • Video Games
  • Game Consoles
  • Gaming Accessories
  • And More!
Buy, sell, and trade for collectible card games and video games available at select PLAYlive stores

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