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Art of World of Warcraft Panel Reveals Special PVP Gear

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The panel features Blizzard artists and discussions highlighting the art behind the game and how it all comes together.

The Art of World of Warcraft panel covers everything from character creation and animation to effects and environment. At BlizzCon 2017, the panel featured artists Christopher Chang (character creation), Ian Lang (animator), Sarah Carmody (effects), Tina Wang (environment art), Jessica Clarke (dungeon artist), Ashleigh Warner (prop team). Each artist outlined the details and inspiration behind each concept, giving players a taste of what to expect in the upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth.

Mounts, races, cities, creatures, and cultures were among some of the topics discussed, but with the focus of the new expansion being aimed at tensions between the Horde and Alliance factions, it’s interesting to see what concepts Blizzard has come up with in regards to the armor players will be using for PVP combat. The panel showed off Horde and Alliance-themed plate armor sets and various melee weapons.

Horde and Alliance plate armor
Horde axes & Alliance swords
Horde and Alliance maces
Horde and Alliance polearms
Horde and Alliance shields

The gear is obtainable through player’s Warfront and gives the impression that Blizzard felt the best approach would be to return to the factions’ roots, sticking to a very classic Horde and Alliance aesthetic, with the Horde pieces being more rugged with a gray and red color scheme and the Alliance pieces being more cleanly crafted and polished with a blue and gold motif.

What do you think of the new designs?