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BlizzCon 2017: New Blizzard-Themed Skins Headed To Overwatch

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All The New Overwatch Skins Are Based On Diablo, StarCraft, And Other Blizzard Games

BlizzCon 2017 has left a lot to look forward to if you’re an Overwatch fan, with a new map, a new hero, and eight – yes, eight – new skins set to drop early next year. As if the BlizzardWorld map wasn’t enough of a hint, it’s apparent that Blizzard is finally crossing Overwatch with the rest of the Blizzard universe. Overwatch heroes are getting skins based on StarCraft 2 and World of Warcraft, as well as skins from two Overwatch animated shorts, Rise and Shine starring Mei and Honor and Glory starring Reinhardt.

Thankfully, these new skins won’t be restricted to a limited-time loot box. Instead, they’ll be available right in the standard, base loot box, allowing you to earn them throughout the year (or purchase them outright, provided you save up enough Credits).

Immortal Orisa

Protoss Orisa from StarCraft 2 looks like she’s about to take on both Zerg and Terran.

Overwatch Skin Ecopoint Mei

Sadly, it’s not Mei’s adorable pajama’s from the Rise or Shine cinematic short, but it is just as cute.

Crusader Reinhardt

Yeah, I guess the armor is pretty cool but what we are all really excited about is Rein’s gorgeous golden locks, am I right?

Barbarian Zarya

Sonya of Harrogath. Zarya’s a natural fit for the Diablo barbarian. First of all, her weapon couldn’t possibly get any cooler than this.

Butcher Roadhog

If anyone else could pull off the Butcher from Diablo, it’s Roadhog. And boy, does he!

Blackhand Doomfist

Doomfist is a clear choice to choose as someone that hails from the Horde in World of Warcraft.

Nova Widowmaker

Nova Widowmaker really just is StarCraft 2’s Nova, but fans are speculating that this is meant to be Widowmaker before she became the Widowmaker that we know. Back during a happy time, when she was Amélie Lacroix married to the love of her life Gérard…who she killed after her Talon brainwashing. Sad.

Magni Bronzebeard Torbjörn

If you weren’t expecting this, do you even Blizzard?

Outside of Overwatch, there were still a lot of announcements. We heard about WoW’s new expansionnew Heroes of the Storm characters, StarCraft II news, and more. Check back at PGN frequently for everything BlizzCon 2017!