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BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch Heroes That Could Have Been

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We almost had a jetpack cat.

In addition to all of the big news of things to come in Overwatch that was announced at BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremony, including the new map, new hero and new skins, we also got a bit of a flash from the past during a panel that took place a bit later on in the day, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan and art director Arnold Tsang had even more in store for fans of the popular hero-based shooter, revealing concept art for cancelled heroes, like a jetpack cat.

The developers explained that the jetpack cat was ultimately scrapped from Overwatch before the game’s launch, as apparently, its concept was a little too “out there” for the development team’s liking. Seems strange considering there is a flying German doctor, a meditating robot monk, and a literal Gorilla scientist, but hey, to each their own.

The jetpack cat is a personal favorite, but there are many others including some rather unique ideas, like a large robot with a harpoon gun, a robotic hockey player, a demon, a crocodile with a jet strapped to its back, and more. It’s easy to see where many of the heroes that made the final roster got many of their ideas from. Funny enough, when I first began playing Overwatch I thought that the hero lineup was quite silly, but apparently, it could have been far more ridiculous.

Check out the newly released concept art below:


Overwatch has become such a wildly popular game not only for its gameplay, but it’s rich lore, and Blizzard has so graciously given us so much to work with. Each character has a backstory to some degree and some character’s backstories intertwine quite perfectly, such as Junkrat and Roadhog. Along with the lore of the game, fans generally eat up any information regarding the early development process of the game and the enjoy seeing how much the heroes have changed and evolved. Unfortunately, because of the fact that Blizzard revealed these early concepts to the public, it’s unlikely that they are anything we’d ever actually see in-game.

Which of these scrapped heroes is your favorite? Do you think any of them will ever make it to the game?