Why Families Love Fortnite


Fornite Battle Royale has taken the world by storm, and it seems to have become the next biggest contender of family game night.

The BlizzCon Experience: What Makes BlizzCon So Personal?

BlizzCon is a unique experience in that there is a lot of interaction between Blizzard employees and the fans who play the games. Many of you reading this may have gone to a convention before to celebrate your love of gaming, film or anything pop culture related. Whether it’s a local comic con or one […]

Looking Back On Old School Runescape

Seeing many MMOs come and go, Runescape’s strong community foundation has withstood the test of time. RuneScape turned 16 years old this year, allowing it to outlast many MMOs with larger budgets. Like any other MMORPG, there are some players who prefer the classic version of RuneScape to its current iteration. Earlier this year, it […]

Intel vs. AMD: One CPU To Rule Them All

Two titans of the industry: which one is the best CPU for your build? One of the most essential parts to your computer is the central processing unit (CPU). As a wise man once said, numbers don’t lie, and consumers often prefer the facts over the hype. Intel has been historically known for its power, […]