EA Sets a Record, a Really Awful Record


The story of how one angry player’s Reddit post became the voice of people and quickly snowballed into a PR nightmare for EA and ultimately a positive change for Battlefront II.

Play Overwatch For Free On All Platforms During A Free Weekend This Month

overwatch soldier_76_cyborg_skin

Just in time for the holidays, Blizzard is hosting another free weekend for Overwatch. See what the hype is all about! Overwatch has become a household name for most, but many have not had the opportunity to play the title, or even try it, and Blizzard acknowledges that there are new players interested in purchasing […]

Blizzard Developers Claim Loot Box Controversy Doesn’t Include Overwatch

overwatch Loot Box

The hot controversy surrounding loot boxes and crates in games is at a breaking point for many, so why isn’t Overwatch included? It’s safe to say that most casual and hardcore Overwatch players have spent a pretty penny on loot boxes in Blizzard’s wildly popular team-based FPS, Overwatch. However, we don’t necessarily ever hear too much […]

Call of Duty: WWII Doubles Infinite Warfare Sales


Call of Duty: WWII has stormed consoles, earning more than $500 million in its first weekend. Call of Duty: WWII only launched Friday but has already earned Activision over $500 million in only three days. The figure doubles what Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare earned last year after its disappointing launch which contributed to layoffs […]

Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Hero to PTR

Moira was announced at BlizzCon over the weekend and is now live on the game’s public test realm. The world needs heroes, and the newest support hero, Moira, has joined the ranks of Overwatch on the game’s public test realm on PC. Moira is a healer support hero who can do a tremendous amount of […]

BlizzCon 2017: See Overwatch Evolve From Playdough To Polished


Take a peek behind the curtain and see how Overwatch and it’s heroes and maps evolved from the drawing board to what you see today. During a panel at BlizzCon 2017, game director Jeff Kaplan gave players a very in-depth, intimate peek behind the curtain at what the earliest stages of Overwatch looked like and […]

BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch Heroes That Could Have Been


We almost had a jetpack cat. In addition to all of the big news of things to come in Overwatch that was announced at BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremony, including the new map, new hero and new skins, we also got a bit of a flash from the past during a panel that took place a bit […]

BlizzCon 2017: New Blizzard-Themed Skins Headed To Overwatch

overwatch blizzard

All The New Overwatch Skins Are Based On Diablo, StarCraft, And Other Blizzard Games BlizzCon 2017 has left a lot to look forward to if you’re an Overwatch fan, with a new map, a new hero, and eight – yes, eight – new skins set to drop early next year. As if the BlizzardWorld map […]

New Overwatch Support Hero Announced At Blizzcon 2017

Blizzcon 2017 has started off incredibly strong with the announcement of a new hero coming to Overwatch, in the form of a healer. This morning during the Blizzcon 2017 opening ceremony, Blizzard announced the 26th hero coming to the Overwatch roster: Moira. She is a geneticist that was once part of the Blackwatch team with […]

Overwatch’s Newest Map Will Be A Blizzard Theme Park

BlizzardWorld will be the next map in Overwatch, and every Blizzard super-fan is sure to love it. One of the big Overwatch announcements revealed this year at BlizzCon 2017 is a forthcoming new map. The new location is called ‘BlizzardWorld’ and as the name suggests, it will feature theme park attractions based on other Blizzard titles, like […]

E3 2017: Back to Basics for Call of Duty


E3 gives us a first look at how Sledgehammer Games is making rewarding changes and taking Call of Duty back to basics. Many players were relieved to hear that Activision would be taking their shooter franchise back to its roots after the disappointment of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Activision’s constantly trying to one-up each of its […]

Game Review: Prey

Arkane Studios has crafted a terrifying sci-fi FPS that keeps you on the edge of your couch to the last moment. It stands up against the classic titles that influenced its design. What can you really trust? From its opening act, Prey fills players with uncertainty, in the dark about the chaos that surrounds you and facing […]

Game Review: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Call-of-Duty_-Infinite-Warfare Feature

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare still has a solid Call of Duty core, although it feels like they are going through the motions a bit in favor of conflating the experience with a new space-age backdrop. Following the franchise’s momentum into more and more experimental military tech, Infinite Warfare takes players into space. It’s pretty much […]