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Fortnite Solos

Started: 08.25.2020 | Closes: 09.30.2020 | Game: N/A | Participants: 17
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RankPlayerTotal PointsTotal Placement PointTotal KillsBest Placement
1stSantos H529431st Place
2ndDamien D4611351st Place
3rdJoshua M398311st Place
4thAnden D3612241st Place
5thJayden K348261st Place
6thGavin B32923Top 10
7thAdolfo C29521Top 10
8thDouglas D276211st Place
9thLiam S23419Top 25
10thTristan M21318Top 10
11thJaiden M19614Top 10
12thJosiah D16115Top 25
13thAydeo D11110Top 25
14thSlater G1037Top 10
14thTristin S10010
16thPatrick S512Top 25
17thRene Y404Top 25

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
Total PointsIntegerTotal Points With Placement & Kills
Total Placement PointIntegerTotal Placement Point 1st/Top10/Top25
Total KillsIntegerTotal Kills In All Rounds
Best PlacementText


853 Brandon Town Center Dr
Brandon, FL 33511
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