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Best Endless Traditional Ladder Score

Started: 05.23.2015 | Closes: 07.23.2015 | Game: Mortal Kombat X (Xbox One) | Participants: 11
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National Leaderboard


RankPlayerLocationPointsTimeRound CompletedCharacter
1stDarius SkogenPuyallup - South Hill Mall2,325,17818:4420Cyber Sub-Zero
2ndMike B MilyoOlympia - Capital Mall2,280,58115:3123Sub-Zero
3rdNoah StrobeleBrea - Brea Mall1,912,09924:3119Johnny Cage
4thKaiden McGlynnRedmond - Redmond Town Center1,886,15213:2420Kung Lao
5thEric BrightPuyallup - South Hill Mall1,638,43510:5419Ferra/Torr
6thJared SteverRedmond - Redmond Town Center1,627,10812:4519Sub Zero
7thErrol AlburyOlympia - Capital Mall1,621,19014:2419Kenshi
8thAlec T CarpenterOlympia - Capital Mall1,602,3419:5218Liu Kang
9thNate HalsellPuyallup - South Hill Mall1,404,17710:4419Cassie Cage
10thRobert BooneOlympia - Capital Mall1,047,53713:0115Liu Kang
11thNikki NicholsRedmond - Redmond Town Center661,37212:0517D\'vorah

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
PointsIntegerTotal Points Scored
TimeTimeTotal Duration
Round CompletedIntegerHighest Round Completed
CharacterTextFighter Used

National Leaderboard

National Leaderboard

Leaderboard Details

Can you reach the final rung? Who will achieve flawless victory for the traditional towers in Mortal Kombat X? This Komeptition is to see who can achieve this highest amount of points on an Endless Traditional Tower.