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Call Of Duty WWII TDM

Started: 12.05.2017 | Game: Call of Duty: WWII (Xbox One) | Participants: 3
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RankPlayerTotal ScoreTotal KillsTotal Deaths
1stConnor Christian3,2203115
2ndAustin Moore2,5552210
3rd"Awesome" Matt1,9951815

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
Total ScoreIntegerKills In Combo
Total KillsIntegerTotal In Game Kills
Total DeathsIntegerTotal In Game Deaths


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Leaderboard Details

Compete Against others in Call Of Duty WWII TDM for a chance to land on our in-store leaderboard. Kills, Deaths, Total Score will all be calculated in!