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Twisted System

Started: 03.13.2020 | Game: Fuzion Frenzy (Xbox One) | Participants: 11
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1stMonty Thompson114pts
2ndAshton Hand 111pts
3rdDarian Benavides105pts
4thDrake Dowd101pts
5thAlex Vannest83pts
6thLocklin Evans63pts
7thHayze Martin60pts
8thJacob Allison50pts
9thVincent Bui47pts
9thAndrew Bennett47pts
9thEven Bennett47pts

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1700 Cottonwood Creek
Suite 140

Highland Village, TX 75077
object(stdClass)#4369 (2) { ["GUID"]=> string(36) "bafdcc47-30f4-7dc3-37ed-7867af60d0d9" ["Name"]=> string(41) "Simplicity: The Shops at Highland Village" }

Leaderboard Details

Are you the master of all games? Can you handle pressing two buttons? Compete in our Fusion Frenzy leaderboard, the longer you last the more points you earn. Everyone can battle it out in this game.