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Fight Club - June

Started: 05.28.2019 | Closes: 06.30.2019 | Game: Mortal Kombat 11 (Xbox One) | Participants: 5
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1stRiley R17
2ndMatt C15
3rdRyson M7
4thTommy M6
5thAbby M2

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
PointsIntegerPoints Earned In PvP


object(stdClass)#3797 (2) { ["GUID"]=> string(36) "fbf65f2a-e42e-af52-d560-647e3fc105a2" ["Name"]=> string(21) "Moscow - Palouse Mall" }

Leaderboard Details

Fight for bragging rights and monthly prizes in head-to-head battles with other players! Earn 1 point for each victory against another player, or challenge one of our staff members for 2 points!