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McCall CFB Qualifier

Started: 06.04.2019 | Closes: 07.10.2019 | Game: N/A | Participants: 22
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RankPlayerTotal CFB Points
1stKirby Blakeley89
2ndJarom C79
3rdJeff M55
4thLeo G49
5thJen C34
5thCaleb C34
7thIsaac C32
8thCraig C31
9thJonathan P16
9thQuentin C16
11thWinston G11
12thParker A5
12thNick Heaton5
12thAnthony Bellone5
15thShane Howard4
16thBaley A3
16thAaron Ammon3
18thKyvan P2
18thJohn Rohnert2
18thAlix Stanley2
18thWestin H2
22ndKimberly Giraldi1

Statistics Breakdown

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ColumnData TypeDescription
Total CFB PointsInteger


411 Deinhard Lane
Suite G

McCall, ID 83638
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Leaderboard Details

Our second CFB season is here, and the grand prize is even bigger, because it's a national tournament. Win your share of 32 booster boxes! We will have events 4 days a week through out the month of June. The top 8 players for the season from our store will participate in a no charge booster draft where the points on the line are even higher. The more events you do, the more points you can earn. We are awarding prizes for each event at the local level as well. Top weekly point leaders in McCall will receive additional prizes.   We have 4 events per week. Monday Standard,  Tuesday Commander, Friday Standard, and Saturday Booster draft.  More details at