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Racing Simulator Challenge

Started: 03.08.2019 | Closes: 03.17.2019 | Game: F1® 2018 (Xbox One) | Participants: 21
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1stIron Man01:25.868
2ndGabriel Gould01:31.507
3rdDylan Breaux01:31.773
4thChase Tidd01:35.378
5thRakwon Jackson01:37.447
6thKashia Hillaire01:38.447
7thDoc Vranici01:39.565
8thLuke Fischer01:39.865
9thAmira Wynn01:41.284
10thZach Forehand01:42.167
11thShiraz Kahn01:57.112
12thJanae Greene01:57.442
13thBrian Pickard02:05.841
14thLisa Wynn02:08.744
15thAshleigh Landry02:24.142
16thKayla Heussner02:25.177
17thAlex Williams02:43.812
18thDerek Dang02:48.066
19thCeirra Dawson02:52.454
20thCollin Huspen02:59.044
21stJack Arnold03:50.696

Statistics Breakdown

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ColumnData TypeDescription


object(stdClass)#4330 (2) { ["GUID"]=> string(36) "f3fe6ae7-a625-9c30-6323-e45f67fb7de4" ["Name"]=> string(28) "Allen - The Village at Allen" }

Leaderboard Details

Lowest time in time trial mode on Australia map! $1 per try to win a "premium level" prize.