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Two Headed Giant Commander

Started: 01.10.2020 | Closes: 02.14.2020 | Game: N/A | Participants: 31
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RankPlayerTotal Points
1stTrevor E150
2ndLum M111
3rdJeremy T95
4thDimitriy S80
5thMadeline C70
6thRob L55
7thBrad H50
8thElisha M49
9thRyan M40
10thJames P36
10thKen N36
12thJacob C35
13thChristian W32
14thChris K31
15thCidnee R24
15thMarcus B24
15thTrent S24
15thKyle K24
19thTravis M20
19thIan H20
21stOskar L17
22ndJordan G16
23rdRed H15
24thDevyn R14
25thRicky Y13
26thSora E12
26thGabriel H12
28thKurtis I11
29thEthan R9
30thD'angelo H8
30thTyler P8

Statistics Breakdown

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ColumnData TypeDescription
Total PointsIntegerPoints Scored By Each Player


8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive
Suite 278

Vancouver, WA 98662
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Leaderboard Details

An 8 week long two headed giant commander league where players have a chance to win points and prizes. Players are paired at the beginning of each event to form a team. Bring a friend along to compete with other players and show us what your deck(s) can do.