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Commander Bingo League

Started: 11.09.2019 | Closes: 11.20.2019 | Game: N/A | Participants: 23
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1stLum M253
2ndNathaniel B151
3rdMadeline C51
4thWill M49
5thRob L38
5thJeremy T38
7thEthan R37
8thSora E35
8thTrent S35
10thRicky Y24
11thJames P23
12thJake J21
13thDimitriy S19
14thXander M12
15thBryan G11
15thChristian W11
17thTrevor E9
18thBrad H7
19thGabriel H6
20thIsaiah D5
20thRed H5
20thRyan P5
23rdErich G3

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
PointsIntegerTotal Points Earned By Each Player


8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive
Suite 278

Vancouver, WA 98662
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