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Twisted System High Score

Started: 06.17.2019 | Game: Fuzion Frenzy® (Xbox One) | Participants: 3
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2ndJordan C41

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Leaderboard Details

This Leaderboard focuses on who can achieve the highest score in Fuzion Frenzy's addicting mini-game Twisted System! Twisted System is all about reaction times. Your character in the game must jump and duck as needed to avoid the obstacles that come up as you run up a giant corkscrew. Make too many mistakes and you're out! The longer you stay on, the faster the corkscrew turns and the more points you'll earn. Contestants should choose the "Practice" option when starting the min-game. This allows you to continue playing and earning points by yourself even after the computer-controller players are eliminated. How far can you go?! Try it for yourself!