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Channel Fireball Seasonal Championship Season 3

Started: 08.29.2019 | Closes: 09.30.2019 | Game: N/A | Participants: 32
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object(stdClass)#4341 (2) { ["GUID"]=> string(36) "1c499d0c-1716-d4f7-47bc-3ff3483cf6f8" ["Name"]=> string(29) "Mission Viejo - Portola Plaza" }

Leaderboard Details

Join us at PLAYlive Nation to compete against other Magic: The Gathering players face-to-face in weekly events. Earn points towards becoming the Local Champion, then advance to compete against other players across the country to become the Seasonal Champion! Events will be conducted in a variety of formats, including:
-Commander (Mon-Fri)6:30pm
-Standard (Wed-Fri)6:30pm
-Oathbreater (Thursdays)6:30pm
-Sealed (Saturday)6:30pm