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Highest Score for Hardcore Domination

Started: 03.23.2016 | Game: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (Xbox One) | Participants: 6 | More Info
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1stJose PantojaXx6Illest6xX9,365pts81Nuk3Town
2ndDaniel Zambranothenorm5396,325pts61Combine
3rdJesus A SanchezFaZe Fonzo5,625pts38Combine
4thDwayne Knwjet245,500pts50Nuk3Town
5thJoshua DrakeMrJoshXD2,555pts15Aquarium
6thAlec CarpenterATC 19922,100pts11Combine

Statistics Breakdown

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ColumnData TypeDescription
ScoreIntegerTotal Score
KillsIntegerTotal Kills
MapTextWhat Map


1321 N Columbia Center Blvd
Suite 303

Kennewick, WA 99336
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