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Black Ops 3 Highest Score

Started: 07.25.2016 | Game: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (Xbox One) | Participants: 10 | More Info
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RankPlayerGamerTagEventScore Kills Map Played
1stDillon HopeCrazyillusionz10,285pts 78Nuketown
2ndClausey J LeeLordDarkness6,885pts 45Fringe
3rdKhameron J NormanSedativeSum7836,340pts 47Fringe
4thTommy Vergara 5,795pts 31Hunted
5thRudy 5,300pts 30Nuketown
6thRichard A AnonRichplayer334,840pts 28Fringe
7thAnthony Isaza4,115pts 29Fringe
8thCody Larson4,100pts 26Nuketown
9thAsmir Ibrahimovic3,855pts 20Hunted
10thJosh2,000pts 20Nuketown

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
Score Integer
Kills IntegerNumber Of Kills
Map PlayedTextWhat Map Challenge Completed On


10300 Southside Blvd
Suite 2300A

Jacksonville, FL 32256
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