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Attrition - Most Attrition Points

Started: 01.27.2017 | Game: Titanfall 2 (Xbox One) | Participants: 10 | More Info
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RankPlayerGamerTagEventAttrition PointsPilotTitans
1stMichael RobertsEatmysoftware13818Kills8
2ndJimmy BorgAgingapollo19912917Kills4
3rdEthan VachonOrangeMonsterGuy12811Kills0
4thJesse CummingsMrChaos500894Kills6
5thTitiana JamiesonElm Street 13802Kills1
6thEmily RichardsonCandyKat7611Kills3
7thAlex RossShooterguy1313682Kills1
8thAaron JohnstonAaron586Kills1
9thLogan BeaversSlayer452515Kills2
10thMason RossMcCormack474Kills1

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
Attrition PointsInteger
PilotIntegerNumber Of Pilot Kills
TitansIntegerNumber Of Titan Kills In Game


411 Deinhard Lane
Suite G

McCall, ID 83638
object(stdClass)#2319 (2) { ["GUID"]=> string(36) "76700c62-0c67-11e4-9442-b2e876958af1" ["Name"]=> string(6) "McCall" }

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