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Friday Night Magic 2019

Started: 01.03.2019 | Game: N/A | Participants: 24
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1stWyatt A11
1stSteve F11
3rdJayden S5
4thNick B4
5thKevin L3
5thTommy M3
7thRichard R2
7thBryant T2
7thClayton B2
7thTyler S2
7thAlek D2
7thJoseph B2
13thSean C1
13thTyler M1
13thJayce S1
13thFranco D1
13thMario Tamez1
13thMitch D1
13thJeff M1
13thLexie R1
13thCamron Kilmar1
13thJacob Stephens1
13thJustin J1
13thMason P1

Statistics Breakdown

Each of this Leaderboard's statistics are explained in the table below.

ColumnData TypeDescription
VictoriesIntegerTotal Games Won In FNM Commander Matches


object(stdClass)#4331 (2) { ["GUID"]=> string(36) "fbf65f2a-e42e-af52-d560-647e3fc105a2" ["Name"]=> string(21) "Moscow - Palouse Mall" }

Leaderboard Details

Compete every week for bragging rights in Friday Night Magic! Bring your favorite Commander deck and square off in multiplayer games, meet other players, and most of all, HAVE FUN!