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How It Works

  • Purchase a Living Leaderboard Pass by paying the $6 attempt fee which is valid for ONE ATTEMPT
  • Your score is submitted and you are ranked against everyone else's scores nationally
  • All score submissions must occur in store. Scores and attempts done off-site will not be entered into the Living Leaderboards contest.
  • You are permitted to purchase multiple attempts in a single day
  • All admission fees (aka "attempt fees") to participate in the competition must be paid in the form of cash only. Credit card payments are not allowed in this competition.
  • Leaderboard scores, unlike rank, are blind (hidden) until close of the Leaderboard
  • An individual must have available Game Time in order to purchase an attempt. Time can come in several forms such as existing Game Time, purchased Game Time, Game Pass, Daily Special, or during Membership Play Free times
  • Contestants must play by the rules specified for that Living Leaderboard
  • If your score ranks you high enough, you gain access to massive perks
  • As long as you are ranked in a position that earns you perks, you continue to get those perks until your rank changes or until the Living Leaderboard ends
  • If another player causes you to be bumped down to a lower rank, depending on your placement, you might receive different perks or none at all
  • All perks are subject to verification and current ranking status at point of transaction
  • Perks and discounts only apply to the player who submitted the score and cannot be transferred to other people
  • Score submissions may take up to 1 business day to be published and reflected across PLAYlive's systems due to verification and validation of contestant and score submittal
  • Cash and Game Time prizes are issued based on final placement shortly after the Living Leaderboard's closing date. Prizes will be paid in the form of a check mailed to the individuals who have placed high enough to earn cash rewards as defined below on this page.
  • Scores that are deemed fradulent or not within appropriate guidelines will not be accepted and may be removed


Prizes and rewards available for contestants will be revealed once a new Living Leaderboard begins. Please check back at another time and follow our social media channels to get notified about when the next Living Leaderboard is announced.