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Player Profile: Jake Lorimer

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Name: Jake Lorimer
Home Store: Kelso - Three Rivers Mall
Organization / School: Playlive Nation TRM
GamerTag: "TheActualJap"

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Leaderboards Participation

February 15th, 2018Just Dance 2018®Just Dance1stPoints: 12347
Song Played: Beep Beep Ima Sheep
February 28th, 2018Guitar Hero LiveGuitar Hero2ndScore: 47200
Notes Hit: 99%
Stars: 5
Longest Streak: 117
Song Title: Demons
February 1st, 2018PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2Galaga2ndScore: 68890
February 22nd, 2018Call of Duty: WWIICOD WWII Lone Survivor5thRound: 18
Score: 1076
Revives: 5
February 28th, 2018PAC-MAN™ CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION 2PAC-MAN Championship2ndScore: 3161881
July 28th, 2018N/AFastest Game Completion1stTime: 01:52:12
Game: Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
difficulty: Normal
January 31st, 2018Mortal Kombat XMKX Endless Tower2ndMatches Won: 18
Character used: Jax
Score: 746162
X-Rays: 13
Flawless: 0
January 31st, 2018DiRT 4Dirt Rally2ndTime: 6:12.789
Track: Pomona Ekrixi
Class: Group B 4WD
Time of Day: Morning/Clear