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Saturday Night Modern

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1

Contest 7
Luis N (2)
Zander S (1)
Contest 5
Robert G 0-0-L
Luis N (2) 1-1-W
Contest 6
Zander S (1) 1-1-W
Darius G (1) 0-0-L
Contest 1
Robert G 0-1-W
Simon S (1) 1-0-L
Contest 2
Jeremy S 0-0-L
Darius G (1) 1-1-W
Contest 3
Carlos L (1) 1-0-L
Zander S (1) 0-1-W
Contest 4
Cody R 0-0-L
Luis N (2) 1-1-W


Come join us tonight September 3rd from 7pm-9pm for our first Saturday Night Magic event, this will consist of a tournament for best of 3 games in modern magic play! Entre Fee: $5.00 to compete in the standard tournament and to be apart of the event until completion! Prize: The prize pot for the winner(s) will be a pool of booster packs (amount determined by number of registered players) Format: Standard is one of the most popular formats because the sets that make up Standard are the two most recent blocks plus the core set. This means players are constantly opening booster packs from sets that are Standard legal and have the cards needed to play in their collection. These are the sets that also make up the Draft format at the time so players are typically opening packs that they can use to build Standard decks from. It is also one of the least expensive constructed formats to build a competitive deck in. Deck Construction: Each player must have a minimum 60 card deck, up to 15 cards in their sideboard, and no more than 4 copies of any individual card between their main deck and sideboard.      

Location Details

Miami - The Falls Shopping Center
8888 SW 136th Street
Miami FL 33176
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