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Destiny 2’s Next Expansion Remains a Secret

What can we expect in Destiny’s next story?

Destiny 2’s next expansion will be a follow up to the Curse of Osiris expansion released on December 7, 2017. The second expansion was originally scheduled to launch in March but has been delayed to May to be released alongside the Season 3 patch, according to a tweet by Christopher Barrett, Game Director at Bungie.

The art regarding Bungie’s scheduled expansions offers a few clues, but no concrete facts on what to expect.  Long-term players in the first-person-shooter series are well aware that Bungie plays its cards close to the vest, possibly to keep from over-promising new story elements in case items are not ready for the publish dates.

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

First, in a very basic graphic, you can see the flags signifying the expansions, the first for the Curse of Osiris released on December 7, 2017, and the second for the untitled expansion in May.

If the symbology on the flag of the second expansion has as much meaning to the central core of the expansion as the first did, it is possible that the second expansion revolves around Rasputin, an A.I. Warmind that was supposed to help run system defences prior to the decimation of the human race in Destiny’s storyline.  It is equally possible that you will encounter another Warmind.

Here’s an add for the Expansions that has more detail to it.

Destiny Expansion Detail

You can see a Guardian in the background of the Expansion 2 graphic that wearing dark, leather-like armor, but the large cube-like object in the foreground that looks a lot like the entrance to the Warmind facility in the first game, as well as a lot of the decor within the facility.

It is harder to see where this facility is.  It appears to be a barren rock-like place, but without a wider view, it’s hard to see which planet this could be.  Destiny and Destiny 2’s prior expansions often would expand on existing maps and add new locales to play on, if not new planets or planetoids to explore.

There was a leak in 2017 that claimed the new expansion was named God of Mars and would return players to the Red Planet, but that leak has been debunked.