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Dire Wolf Digital Showcases Eternal at PAX South 2018

Eternal is a good way for newcomers to get into strategic card games.

Strategic card games can have very high learning curves, such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. Dire Wolf Digital’s Eternal seeks to have the convenience of Hearthstone and the diversity of Magic: The Gathering in one game. Games such as Eternal seek to bring the fun and intensity of strategic card games to a much wider audience.

Eternal‘s tactical artificial intelligence (AI) was designed with input from top-ranked tradable card game or trading card game (TCG) players, meaning you can find a challenge when you’re playing solo as well as playing against others. This allows you to find a quality game at any time of the day—whether it’s at 3 pm or 3 am.

“They’re free form, you can do whatever you want. What we’re looking to do here is to bring the kinetic feel and the pace and polish of games that are very tactile,” said Matt Hudson, the marketing director of Dire Wolf Digital. Unlike most traditional mobile games that require both hands to play, Eternal only needs one hand to play effectively. For instance, Hudson has been known to play the game while brushing his teeth. “It has options for short sessions on mobile, but also gives the option for a longer, more drawn-out sessions on Steam,” Hudson said.

The availability of the game on both mobile devices and Steam can appeal to players of varying skill levels. This game crosses all demographics of gamers, from families, groups of friends around the world, and solo gamers who are looking to challenge themselves but don’t necessarily want to do it in a social context. For those seeking to test their skill, season leaderboards run every month.

The game is available now on Steam, Android, and iOS.