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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Are Here to Save the World

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Marvel heroes unite for a massive brick-based adventure that is all about fun… and saving the world.

LEGO and TT Games have been working together for over a decade bring our favorite franchises to life with digital bricks. The games have changed a lot since the days of the original Xbox but at their core, the humor, the play, and most importantly the fun has remained consistent. Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 joins those ranks tomorrow. It is the largest LEGO title of this kind, bringing together heroes from across the Marvel universe in one epic story. Here is what you can expect.

Lego Marvel 2 Heroes

The Adventure

LEGO, TT Games, and Marvel have worked together to create a new story that blends many parts of the Marvel universe together. Marvel writer Kurt Busiek has worked with the team to bring a villain he is very familiar with to the game. Heroes from across the Marvel universe will be called on to stop Kang the Conqueror. Busiek, who wrote the Kang Dynasty comics in 2001, helped bring Kang to life with digital bricks and describes him a guy just looking for a good fight. He is gathering champions because he is bored, he wants to find someone who can challenge him. To this end, he is scouring history and alternate timelines in search of the best and using his Sword shaped ship, the Damocles, to collect them in Chronopolis.

The World

In total there are 18 different Marvel worlds woven together in Kang’s new super city “Chronopolis” with over 200 characters on the roster (That’s double the roster of the original Lego Marvel). The world hub is completely open which means you can explore every Marvel universe and it is packed with extra content and puzzles to keep you busy. Gwenpool even has a series of bonus missions for you to unlock special LEGO versions of iconic Marvel covers. Judging by this pun-heavy Achievement/Trophy list there is plenty of content to keep you busy.

Lego Marvel 2 Chronopolis Map
What’s really neat about Chronopolis is it is not just large but it is also very vertical. You can fly up to parts of the map like Knowhere or dive to discover Lumeria.
Nueva York Asgard Wakanda The Old West The Swamp
Knowhere Coliseum Manhattan Egypt K’un-lun
Lemuria The Hydra Empire Noir New York Medieval England Hala
Sakaar Attilan

The Characters

Kang has captured all the greatest heroes from across time and space. A story which allows the inclusion of all sorts of Marvel characters from the less mainstream stories like Spider-man Noir or Marvel 1872 to newer Heroes like Jane Foster as Thor and Invincible Iron Man to the heroes as depicted in the MCU.

Lego Marvel 2 is not a movie tie-in per se, but you can expect to see many heroes right out of the MCU. Characters from Thor Ragnarok will join the adventure and in the coming months after its release content from Marvel’s Runaways, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and even Infinity War will be released. It is not just about cramming all these characters in though, having multiple iterations of your favourite hero will be tied into the story.

Lego Marvel 2 Carnom
TT Games has even created a character of their own, especially for the game, like CARNOM!

There will be over 200 characters to unlock in the base game alone (I’ve been keeping meticulous track of every confirmed character and so far we have seen over 130 awesome ones.) plus four additional character packs after the game launches. If for some reason you still can’t find your favorite Marvel hero you can use the character creator to build your own. Customize it the same way you would any LEGO Minifigure and even choose what type of in-game weapons and powers it has.

Just like in previous LEGO characters will all possess special abilities allowing them to solve specific parts of puzzles, but they will have to work together to finish every part of a level. There is more variation in Lego Marvel 2 with every character even featuring a special combat move made especially for them. Some characters will even be able to team up for combos.

Play With Friends

Like all LEGO games, Lego Marvel 2 can be played with a friend. While LEGO is trepidatious about online matchmaking in any of their titles it is nice to have a game that offers same screen multiplayer in an age when that feature is becoming rarer. If you have a Nintendo Switch you won’t even need an extra controller as Lego Marvel 2 can be played with a single Joy Con.

Lego marvel 2 Grandmaster

There will also be a four-player arena style mode. This competitive and cooperative Super Hero battle mode for friends and family to play together or against each other in a series of themed challenges and battle arenas.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is available November 14th for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox. The base game is $59.99 USD or you can pick up the Deluxe version for $79.99 which includes the season pass. There will be four additional character packs and six all-new levels released over the course of the year which is not a bad value as far as season passes go.

Which Marvel hero are you most looking forward to playing with?