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No Personal Boats, No Major Class Overhauls, No Lockboxes In New World Of Warcraft Expansion

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Battle For Azeroth has many players excited, but what exactly can we expect from the next expansion?

New expansion, new stuff: that’s how World of Warcraft has been doing it for a solid 13 years. However, a recent interview with the World of Warcraft development team may signify that changes are coming, but not in the way that players expect. We already know that there will no longer be PvE or PvP servers and that players may toggle PvP on and off as they wish.

While the rumors leading up to Blizzcon suggested a South Seas expansion, complete with boats, Blizzard themselves confirmed that there will be no personal boats in Battle For Azeroth. This may be because the previous implementation of a water-based zone in Cataclysm was met with significant criticism from the players. However, like all things, this may be subject to change with a combination of player input and developer preference.

Another change covered in the interview includes no lockboxes. In previous expansions, rogues could make a modest sum of money from opening their own lockboxes and other players’ lockboxes. This is set to change in Battle For Azeroth. Opening lockboxes has fallen down the list of priorities in this expansion, so it makes a bit of sense that they are scrapping the idea entirely.

Will missions continue? The development team indicated that they definitely wanted missions to be a part of Battle For Azeroth. However, it remains unseen if the rewards will go unchanged, or if the number of characters available for missions will go unchanged. There may be more team-based missions reminiscent of the Broken Shore quest line, where players had to contribute resources to unlock specific buildings.

One of the biggest indications is that there will be no major class overhauls. While classes and specs change even from patch to patch, there will be no major overhauls of any class or spec (i.e. making Survival Hunters a melee DPS class). There is no indication on what these changes will be, but it is expected to be adjusted and balanced in a way that won’t make one class/spec fall significantly behind another, or make one class/spec significantly more powerful than the rest.

As with all things regarding World of Warcraft, things are subject to change and we will keep you up to date with any significant changes as they become available.