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Nostalrius Delighted Over World of Warcraft Classic

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The admins of one of the biggest World of Warcraft classic servers rejoiced at the World of Warcraft Classic announcement.

The World of Warcraft fan base has been divided for many years: those who played in Vanilla often made it loud and clear that they played in Vanilla, while others who were coming into the game at a later date did not have the same experiences as the Vanilla players. Private servers were formed for the Vanilla players, and Blizzard banned those who were caught playing on private servers, as this violated the game’s Terms of Use. The Nostalrius team ventured to Blizzard HQ last year to make their voices heard; World of Warcraft Classic was Blizzard’s response to all those wishing to relive the early days of World of Warcraft.

While some individuals reminisce about the past—40-man raids, attunement to Molten Core, opening the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, and other moments of nostalgia, others accepted that Blizzard had to move on to other content (and by other content, we mean six expansions, with a seventh, Battle for Azeroth, announced). This sort of nostalgia was kept alive on private servers such as Nostalrius, which were run entirely by fans. Fan donations helped the Nostalrius server meet operating expenses. However, with the announcement of World of Warcraft Classic, what did this mean for the private server community?

The Nostalrius admins were delighted at the announcement of World of Warcraft Classic.

“We are so excited, and want to THANK YOU once again for being part of this incredible journey: we wrote history together!” said Daemon and Viper, who ran the Nostalrius server. They expressed praise for Blizzard for announcing World of Warcraft Classic as well. “They will provide a stable realm, run by the most passionate people, and help unify the World Of Warcraft community,” they said.

What does this mean for the admins? They said that they will make themselves available to Blizzard to make any changes to WoW Classic if need be. They also stated that they did not want any new Nostalrius-branded servers to be made. This could very well mean the death of private servers and possibly a huge game-changer for Blizzard’s bottom line.