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One-Tricking Could Get You Banned From Overwatch Competitive Mode

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Climbing the Overwatch ranking ladders is hard enough as it is, but being inflexible may cost you more than just a rating.

If you’re looking to climb the ranks into Overwatch competitive glory, you might want to start being flexible (as you should be in all walks of life). Reports have surfaced on Reddit that a one-trick player who would not switch off of Torbjorn abused game mechanics to essentially bench themselves from the match and cost his team the game. “Rather than picking another character and playing the game, he decided he would just sit in the base without picking a hero. He kept timing out and back in so he wouldn’t get banned from competitive afterwards,” user Goldinismyname said.

Full Team of Torbjorn

Overwatch community managers want to put a stop to such behavior. Even if playing with one hero is within the rules, it may be considered a form of griefing as the community managers look at the situation. Community manager Josh Engen said in a blue post:

I just wanted to chime in and make sure that everyone knows that we’re currently digging into the reports, investigating this ban, and thinking about how this type of situation affects specialized players and their teammates.

We take both sides of the issue very seriously. We believe that players should be able to choose their favorite heroes, but playing as a team (which includes building an effective team composition) is a core part of the Overwatch experience. It’s a delicate balance, and we’re still working on getting it right (and probably always will be).

If you’ve been playing Blizzard games for a while, you’ve probably heard us use the phrase “Play nice; play fair.” It’s like a mantra around the Blizzard campus, and it’s a big part of the way that we approach situations like this. People tend to focus on the “playing fair” part, but they forget about “playing nice.” Sometimes that means switching off at your teammates’ request, and sometimes that means working around your teammate’s specialization.

Does this mean that Hanzo mains might end up being forced to play other characters? While one-tricking might not get you banned, doing it to the detriment of your team in competitive mode might be considered griefing. This means that the mantra of “play nice, play fair” might go from just a statement to reduce toxicity in the Overwatch community to a rule that could see rigid enforcement if players continue one-tricking to the detriment of their team.