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Overwatch League Skins Coming 2018

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All Overwatch League teams will have unique uniforms and fans will be able to purchase skins using special league currency, League Tokens.

Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer has released a video announcing the new OWL skins and explaining why they are creating a unique currency for the league skins. All 12 of the inaugural OWL teams will have in-game team uniforms, with both home and away variations. Beginning in 2018, the home uniforms will be available for purchase as skins for fans to use in support of their teams.

Overwatch League Team Shock
San Francisco based Team Shock.

Similar to jerseys for your favorite IRL sports, 50% of the proceeds from OWL skins will go to support the teams. In order for the league to properly attribute the money to each team, the OWL has created a unique currency specifically for OWL content. Fans will be able to buy League Tokens which can be used to purchase the team skins they want for the characters they want. All 26 characters will have a set OWL skins for every team.

Designed by the Overwatch development team, the OWL league skins were first revealed at Blizzcon earlier this year as an attempt to make the league more watchable. Emulating athletic sports teams by using uniforms to help viewers easily identify players and even created home and away variants. They certainly look impressive as well, with bright colors shared by all heroes and featuring each team’s name. You can see all 12 designs and rosters here.

The best part is the first one is free. For the first month every player who logs onto Overwatch on PC, PS4, or Xbox will receive enough tokens to purchase one OWL skin. Blizzard and the Overwatch development team want to get fans pumped up about the first season of the Overwatch League.

The OWL kicks off January 10 and will run through June. You can check out the full schedule of games over on the Overwatch League website.