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Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Begins Today

Overwatch celebrates the Lunar New Year with a four week Year of the Dog Event complete with a new map, legendary skins, and cosmetics.

In the latest developer update from game director Jeff Kaplan breaks down what we can expect the from the Lunar New Year Event. This year’s event titled “Year of the Dog” begins today and will run for four weeks, one longer than last years event so everyone will get a chance to participate. There will also be a competitive season of Capture the Flag during the event as well as well as a new CTF focused map and updates to the mode.

Kaplan was most excited to announce the game’s newest map. Ayutthaya is set in Thailand and features a fusion of old-world monuments and modern tech. Although CTF was first introduced to Overwatch during last year’s Lunar New Year Event this is the first map to be designed specifically for CTF.

Mercy and Genji face off in CTF on new Ayutthaya map.

A CTF competitive season will also run four weeks and all participates will receive a unique spray. Players skilled enough to reach the top 500 will receive a spray and player icon.

The Overwatch team has also been making changes to CTF itself. They have gotten rid of match draws in favor of a sudden death mechanic. If the match reaches its conclusion and neither side has definitively won the sudden death mechanic will activate moving both flags closer to the centre of the map. Closing the distance between the points and making the distance to cap very small.

Other changes to CTF include making pickup instant and adding ability restrictions. Certain abilities which provide invulnerability or great manoeuvrability, such as Winston’s jump pack, for instance, will force a flag to be dropped if used. Kaplan says these changes have actually made CTF more of an offensive mode and more action-packed.

Last but not least there will be plenty of new cosmetic items added to the game for the event. Over 50 new seasonal items will be available including six all-new legendary skins. You can check them all out below.