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Path of Exile Keeps Classic Dungeon Crawling Alive

Path of Exile is one of the most comprehensive dungeon crawling RPGs out there today.

The free-to-play Path of Exile is a traditional action RPG that is inspired by Blizzard’s Diablo series. One of the main distinctions about the game (and a unique one among action RPGs) is that there is no in-game currency. This is replaced by bartering currency items. Some currency items can improve the quality of an item, reroll the affixes, or even upgrade its rarity. Therefore, having the best currency items will let you progress through the game faster.

Each player will have a different approach to the game. You can choose from six (later seven) classes: the Duelist, Templar, Witch, Ranger, Marauder, Shadow, and Scion. You unlock the Scion after progressing significantly through the game’s main storyline.

Path of Exile screenshot

What makes the game one of the best dungeon crawling RPGs today? The sheer amount of player-generated builds available can help anyone try something new or introduce the player to the game. These builds may be generated for those just starting the game, or those who are so good at Path of Exile that they need a brand new challenge.

These builds can be taken to various leagues for players to see if they are viable there. For example, a player can take a build into a challenge league (a league that only lasts between 12 minutes and four months). These often coincide with the beginning of an expansion. The most recent league, the Abyss leagues, ran from December 8, 2017, to February 26, 2018, to mark the start of the War for the Atlas expansion. After this league ends, a character is moved back to either the Standard or Hardcore league.

Path of Exile is an entertaining game that takes hours to master but allows players to try a variety of builds to see which one fits them. This sort of customization in an action RPG is sorely needed today, and Path of Exile fulfils that need for the most part.