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PAX East 2018: Solo by Team Gotham

Express your feelings Solo style in this introspective puzzler.

Creative Director Juan de la Torre told us that his recent breakup was the inspiration for Solo. Solo was created to give you a safe place to be open and honest about your feelings of love where you wouldn’t be judged. Like a virtual therapist, if you will, this game will help you explore the feelings you have about the¬†relationships in your life.

Team Gotham-Solo

As you progress through the levels the personal questions the game will ask you really force you to take a look at who you are and what you want out of life and to be 100% honest with yourself without judgment. Out of one man’s heartbreak, we get a game that has the potential to save a life by giving people someone to talk to. The projected audience for this game is for older teens to adults, some of the themes asked in the questions may not be something a young person as yet to experience.

TeamGotham- Solo

There is also a two-player option for couples, think of it as couples therapy. Expressing yourselves open and honestly where otherwise you might not have open communication or don’t know how to express yourselves to each other will hopefully save you from your very own heartache.

You won’t¬†have to wait very long for your own Solo adventures. Solo will be available on PC via Steam starting April 26th for $14.99.