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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Developer Working on New MMO

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The developer behind the popular competitive multiplayer PUBG  is working on a new project in a new genre.

Bluehole is working with Kakao Games to create a new MMO titled Ascent: Infinite Realm. or simply A:IR. There are not many details as of yet, the debut trailer was released today along with concept art. A:IR appears to be a steam punk inspired fantasy that will allow players to take to the skies with their own wings and a variety of flying mounts. The trailer shows off a number of classic MMO activities such as exploration, crafting, and even some combat, but the game is still in early development. Check out the first trailer below.

A:IR looks very impressive with stunning vistas and a variety of machines and monsters which brings an interesting aesthetic to the gameplay. Players will be able to “take to the skies” to both explore and for combat which adds some cool verticality to this MMO. The verticality is an unusual and really interesting thing about A:IR. According to the game’s website “Vehicles and mounts serve as transportation, strategic weapons in PvP, and a medium for player cooperation. Airships of all sizes and various flying mounts will provide you with the ultimate airborne battle experience.”

What you can expect

  • Reclaim the lost territory and explore an uncharted world.
  • See what you can do to your own airships, mounts, or even your estate! Build your own combat style with accessories that can redefine how your skills work.
  • An estate is your piece of the world. Explore the surrounding areas, grow your estate, and customize its components to make it all your own.  You can also work with your neighbouring estates to build a community and explore more of the game.
  • You can adjust the difficulty of hunting grounds and dungeons, allowing your personal journey to be unique.
  • Enrich your experience by customizing your airships, collecting mounts and fixing up a place you can call home.
  • The vast sky of A:IR is open for adventure. Using airships, flying mounts, or free falling, you can experience multi-dimensional battles through warfare in the open sky.

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