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Ronda Rousey Among BlizzCon Attendees

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The UFC champion stealthed through the massive convention crowd geared up as a Death Knight.

BlizzCon, the annual celebration of all things Blizzard Entertainment, hosted over 30,000 attendees over the weekend. Among those attendees were UFC star, Ronda Rousey and her husband, UFC fighter Travis Browne. How did the pair manage to make it through droves of fellow Blizzard fans undetected? By dressing up as Death Knights and hitting the show floor!

Rousey is not the first celebrity to do this, and (hopefully) will not be the last. In 2015, actress Jamie Lee Curtis attended BlizzCon dressed as an Undead.

Rousey has never been one to keep her love for World of Warcraft a secret, stating on many different occasions that she’s a fan of the game. In an interview with Conan last year, Rousey explained how she and fellow Fast 7 star, Vin Diesel, would play World of Warcraft to unwind after filming. “I started off with a Night Elf Hunter, like most people do.” she said “He recommended I be a rogue, so I got myself a Blood Elf Rogue and I actually really like her a lot”  Rousey also enjoys the “genuine interactions” with people in the game who are not aware of who the person behind her in-game character is. “They’re nice just because, and I like it”

Blizzard Entertainment announced during BlizzCon that they would be developing their very own Blizzard quality World of Warcraft Classic servers, they also revealed the new upcoming expansion for the popular MMORPG, World of Warcaft, World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth. The expansion features a level cap of 120, new zones, dungeons, and raids, six new allied races, and much more.

Rousey also met with Uproxx during the convention, when asked what she was most excited for in the upcoming expansion, Battle For Azeroth, she replied by saying she was most excited for the new races and mounts. “I’m a mount collector,” said Rousey. “Mount or die.” Rousey also spent approximately $1300 on World of Warcraft cards in an attempt to obtain a rare mount, “All I got was a Savage Raptor, I’m not happy about it” she said.“I was trying to get that Blazing Drake, but I never got it” 


We hope Ronda Rousey and all of those who attended BlizzCon 2017 had a great experience, and wish Ronda the best of luck with her mount collecting endeavours in the new expansion!