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Sledgehammer is Tripling the Double XP for Call of Duty: WWII this Weekend

Enjoy double XP, Weapon XP, Division XP on all War Machine Moshpit Playlists or in War Mode until April 16th.

To celebrate the launch of the newest DLC, The War Machine, on PS4 Sledgehammer is offering double XP on solider, weapon, and division XP on the War Machine playlists. The War Machine launched April 10th for PS4 owners. Xbox and PC players will be able to enjoy the new DLC next month, but don’t worry Sledgehammer will likely have double XP and special events then too.

In the meantime, Xbox and PC players can still enjoy double XP on solider, weapon, and division XP playing War Mode or double XP player WWII Zombie Mode. Earn double XP from now until 10 AM PST on Monday, April 16th.

The War Machine adds three new maps: Egypt, Dunkirk, and V2. These maps offer opportunities for players of types include ranged play on the outside lanes of Egypt to the close quarters of the V2 map. There will also be a new War Mode, Operation Husky. The three-part War mode will feature gathering intelligence, transmitting it to HQ, and finally taking to the skies to clear enemy fighter planes. If you are successful Allied bombers will be able to begin the invasion.

The DLC also adds a new chapter to Nazi Zombies “The Shadowed Throne” which will bring players to the heart of Nazi Germany to confront a desperate and evil regime. Doktor Straub’s monstrous army is hellbent on purging his city of the Allied invaders. You can check out the trailer below: