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World of Warcraft Legacy Server Admins Revolt

Popular World of Warcraft private server the Elysium Project shut down following admin coup.

It seems that the prominent legacy server Elysium has experienced some downtime after a stratagem led by one of the admins, in which nine other staff members participated. Allegedly, there had been a lot of corruption and questionable conduct among staff which, when exposed, caused other members of staff to question the integrity of the project which ultimately resulted in the deletion of the server.

The user at the head of the coup appears to be WhiteKidney and the shutdown was an act against fellow admins Crogge and Shennawhom collectively had been generating currency to sell to gold sellers and players, as well as taking donation money from the server’s PayPal account for personal financial reasons.

If ‘Elysium’ sounds familiar, it’s likely due to the fact that it’s the same server that Nostalrius had given their source code to. Nostalrius was another popular private server that had been forced to shut down by Blizzard last year, despite backlash from players and a petition backed by big-name supporters such as Sodapoppin and former Blizzard employee Mark Kern. The Nostalrius team had even met with Blizzard at their Irvine headquarters with little to no success in moving forward with official legacy servers.

In a post made by Reddit user Peprspry where more in-depth insight is provided, it’s said that a back up of the server was made 1 hour prior to its downfall under the premise that it would be recreated under new management as Lights Hope. According to the Reddit post, Lights Hope anticipates a 1:1 relaunch, which means all deleted characters from Elysium will be as they were one hour prior to Elysium’s shut down and hopes to launch within the next day or so.

Their official website provides more details, and also gives the following brief:

“The Elysium Project as it exists today is no longer a viable project due to the systemic problem of lack of oversight on those with the most access to the servers. Due to failures to uphold the projects ideals and integrity, the Elysium Project is being dissolved and relaunched out of the control of those who have abused the trust of the staff, community, and legacy movement as a whole. We hope that our explanation below will shed some light on the situation and explain, in more detail than has ever been shared before, why we are making these choices and what it means for the community. Please be patient with us moving forward as this journey will be rough and arduous but is worth the price paid to ensure the standard of emulation entrusted to us is upheld moving forward.”