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June 2019 3rd - 28th Finals: July 6th

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Join us at participating PLAYlive Nation locations to compete against other Magic: The Gathering players face-to-face in weekly events. Earn points towards becoming the Local Champion, then advance to compete against other players across the country to become the Seasonal Champion! Events will be conducted in a variety of formats, including:
  • Booster Draft
  • Sealed
  • Commander
  • Standard
  • Modern
  • Legacy
After local events conclude, each store will host a Booster Draft championship event on June 29th. The 1st place winner is then invited back on July 6th to compete in the national event where they will play Standard format using the PC app MTG Arena against other local champions from across the country.


  • Local Qualifying Rounds Begin June 3rd 2019 and go through June 28th. Come in and play during the weekly scheduled events and earn points depending on how well you play. Play again in more events to earn more points! The time and availability of each event during the week can vary per each PLAYlive Nation location, so check with your local store's events calendar to confirm dates and times.
  • Local Championship: June 29th 2019. The 8 players who have accumulated the highest amount of points during the Local Qualifying Rounds will be invited back to compete in the Local Championship.
    • Top 8 players from Seasonal Championship will draft on June 29th. Prizes will be awarded as points. After points are calculated, booster pack prizes will be awarded to the final standings of the players in top 8.
  • National Championship: July 6th 2019. After the Local Championship, 1 player from each PLAYlive Nation store advances to compete in the National Championship. This event is conducted using MTG Arena on a PC inside your local PLAYlive store.
    • ChannelFireball will be providing the decks on Arena. Players must submit decks to us by July 3rd (end of day) to participate so we can load them into Arena for stores.
    • Decks for National Championship cannot include Core Set 2020 cards.

Local Entry and Prize Support

In the list below, the first number represents the number of wins and the second number represents losses.
Event Entry Fee Prize Support (WAR packs per match win)
Constructed (Standard, Modern, Legacy) $8
Win - Loss - Draw
3 - 0 - 0: 3 packs + 9 pts
2 - 0 - 1: 2 packs + 7 pts
2 - 1 - 0: 2 packs + 5 pts
1 - 1 - 1: 1 pack + 3 pts
1 - 2 - 0: 1 pack + 3 pts
0 - 2 - 1: 2 pts
0 - 3 - 0: 1 pt
Draft $16 (WAR)
$30 (MH1)*
Sealed $25 (WAR)
$45 (MH1)*
Commander $6 1 game
4 players
1st = 2 packs + 4pts
2nd - 4th = 1 pack + 2pts
*Entry fee for Modern Horizons Draft. Prizes are still WAR packs. During all events, stores will also be giving away other cool swag and prizes to contestants! All prizing and events are paper, except National Championship which will be conducted using MTG Arena. All prizing for this event is non-digital. In event of a tie for 1st place: tied players will play another round to determine winner. This is true for both local and national based events.

National Championship Prize Support

Event Event type Prize Support
LGS Championship June 29th Top 8 Draft 3-0 = 36 points
2-1 = 20 points
1-2 = 12 points
0-3 = 4 points
After points calculation: 1st: Invite
2nd: 16 packs
3rd/4th: 8 packs
5th-8th: 4 packs
National Championship
July 6th
Arena Standard 1st: 6 boxes
2nd: 4 boxes
3rd/4th: 3 boxes
5th-8th: 2 boxes
9th-16th: 1 box
Prize support (booster boxes / packs) for Nationals will be based on the War Of The Spark (WAR) set. National prize support will either be picked up at the store or will be shipped to your home (based on store's discretion).

Participating Locations

This event series is currently available at the following PLAYlive Nation locations: Important: The graphics below are examples! Your local PLAYlive Nation store will have a specific set of dates and times during the week for these events. Check with your local store to confirm dates and times. Not all stores will be participating in this event. You can find out whether or not your local PLAYlive is participating by checking the list above.