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Need To Raise Money?

PLAYlive Nation is a unique and repeatable option for your fundraising needs. With our program, you can quickly achieve your financial goals again and again. A great option for local groups like schools, clubs, and small non-profit organizations.

We’re ready to help you conduct an exciting fundraiser for your organization. Contact your local store to begin.

PLAYlive Nation offers two different options to obtain your financial goals:

Community Fundraisers

Your group sells 1-hour play passes to people in your community which allow buyers to play in their local store any time they wish. You keep 60% of total revenue earned.

Groups receive a fundraiser packet from their PLAYlive store. This packet includes a stack of Fundraiser Sign-Up sheets. The members in their group then go around and sell Fundraiser Passes to people in their community. The Fundraiser Pass is a 60-minute pass which allows buyers to come in and redeem the pass for fun social gaming! The group who is running the fundraiser will receive 60% of the revenue generated by sales.

Fundraiser Events

Host an event in a PLAYlive Nation location at a scheduled date & time. Throw events once, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Choose between these two types:

Revenue Sharing: You bring people in, we handle ticket sales. The proceeds are split with your group 60/40, with 60% going to your group. This is great low-risk option that requires just a small up-front deposit.

Store Reservation: if you expect a large turnout, then you can rent the whole store for a flat discounted rate and keep all revenue from ticket sales. This option relies on a higher turnout but can yield more revenue overall.